Emerging from the Void: Grappling with Cosmic Downloads

For those wondering about my long absence, it's been...well, quite a journey. I've been undergoing some intense spiritual upheavals and receiving a constant influx of information and insights I can only describe as cosmic downloads. Make no mistake - I'm not claiming to have found some supreme truth. These downloads, despite their Sources, are still being filtered through my very human, very limited brain.

I'm honestly still processing and making sense of the avalanche of concepts, questions, and revelations that have been crashing over me. Each answer seems to unravel ten more profound uncertainties. It's both cosmic and utterly grounded, both infinite and beautifully, materially constrained within the limitations of my consciousness.

What I can say is that it feels like being exposed to perspectives, dimensions, and domains of existence that transcend our normal perception. Profoundly mind-bending stuff that sparks a complete reevaluation of reality as we know it. I'm being stretched in countless directions by these revelations...which is equal parts exhilarating and deeply humbling.

I don't claim any special knowledge or authority here. I'm just a fellow traveler, grappling with these experiences and downloads as best I can. If any of you feel drawn to explore this strange new terrain with me, I welcome you to join this inquiry. Let's walk this weird cosmic path together and see where it leads.

On a practical note, part of my absence has also been due to some material constraints and financial limitations. To help support myself through this interim transition, I've decided to offer personalized tarot readings on a "pay what you want" basis. My decades of experience allow me to tap into the tarot's rich symbology as a guide for these explorations of consciousness.

So feel free to book a reading if you'd like a taste of this cosmic journey. And for those more philosophically inclined, I'll continue sharing perspectives and mind-benders as I integrate and assimilate this strange new terrain. Unbuckle your preconceptions and dive in with me!