How it Feels to Sell my Tarot Decks


Selling my tarot decks is a tough decision that I have had to make recently. As a tarot reader, my decks are more than just cards to me. They are extensions of my intuition and personal energy, each deck with its own unique personality and energy. Working with a specific deck creates a deep bond between us.

My decks are also some of the few possessions I have left after losing my home in Hurricane Ida. In Katrina, I lost over 200 decks, and was devastated by this loss. In Ida, I did my best to preserve my decks and keep them safe from the flood waters. They mean a lot to me.

But sometimes, selling our possessions is necessary for survival. In today's economy, it can be hard to make ends meet. The cost of living continues to rise, while wages and job security remain stagnant. So, I have made the difficult decision to sell my tarot decks to put food on the table, pay bills, and avoid eviction.

Letting go of my tarot decks can feel like losing a trusted companion or a cherished friend. It is a painful and emotional experience, especially since some of these decks hold sentimental value, some were gifts, and some have been with me for many years.

I remind myself that the real source of my intuition is within me, not my tools. While the tarot is a powerful tool, it is ultimately just that - a tool. The true magic lies within myself.

To approach the process with intention and mindfulness, I take some time to say goodbye to each deck, thanking it for its guidance and support. I cleanse and bless each deck before passing it on to its new owner, so that it can continue to serve its purpose in the world.

It is important to remember that material possessions do not define my worth or my connection to the divine. I am a powerful and intuitive being, and my value is not measured by the things I own. Selling my tarot decks may be a difficult and even painful decision, but it is a necessary sacrifice in service of my greater well-being.

In the end, I am grateful for the time I have spent with each deck, and I trust that the universe will guide them to their next rightful owner. I know that my intuition will continue to thrive even without them, and I am open to whatever new tools or experiences the universe has in store for me.

You can see a list of my remaining decks here. If you are interested in one of them, contact me and make me an offer I can't refuse. Anything with a strikethrough has been sold. Thank you for looking.