Is Tarot Compatible with Christianity?

 Tarot is a divinatory tool that has been used for centuries to gain insight and guidance into one's life. It is often associated with the occult and pagan religions, which has led to many people questioning whether it can be used in conjunction with Christianity. However, when examined closely, it becomes clear that Tarot can be a compatible and even complementary practice for Christians.

One way that Tarot can be compatible with Christianity is through the Christian symbolism that is present in some of the cards. For example, the Hierophant card can represent the Pope or a priest, and can be seen as a symbol of spiritual guidance and authority. The Papess card, also known as the High Priestess, can be seen as a representation of the Virgin Mary or other female saints. The Tower card, which can depict the fall of the Tower of Babel, can symbolize the consequences of pride and the importance of humility before God. The four writers of the Gospels are featured on the World card in symbolic form, the bull, the lion, the eagle and the man.

Secondly, Tarot is not inherently tied to any particular religion or belief system. It is a tool that can be used by anyone, regardless of their religious background. While some may choose to use Tarot in a pagan or new age context, it is also possible to use it within a Christian framework. In fact, there are many Christian Tarot readers who see the cards as a way to connect with God and gain deeper insights into His will for their lives.

Thirdly, Tarot can be seen as a tool for spiritual growth and self-reflection, which are important aspects of Christian practice. The cards can be used to explore one's own beliefs, values, and motivations, and to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and one's place in the world. This can lead to personal growth and a deeper connection with God.

Furthermore, Tarot can be used to gain guidance and insight from a higher power. Christians believe in the power of prayer and seeking guidance from God, and Tarot can be seen as another way to connect with the divine. The cards can be used to ask for guidance and direction in one's life, and to gain insight into the will of God.

Finally, Tarot can be used as a tool for healing and spiritual renewal. Many Christian Tarot readers see the cards as a way to connect with the healing power of God, and to gain insights into how to heal oneself and others. The cards can be used in a therapeutic context to explore issues such as trauma, grief, and addiction, and to gain insights into how to move forward in a healthy and healing way.

In conclusion, while Tarot may seem incompatible with Christianity at first glance, it is actually a tool that can be used in a Christian context to gain deeper insights into oneself and one's relationship with God. Tarot can be seen as a way to connect with the divine, to seek guidance and direction, and to promote spiritual growth and healing. Ultimately, the compatibility of Tarot with Christianity depends on how it is used and interpreted by the individual practitioner, and whether it is used in a way that is consistent with Christian values and beliefs.

For more on this topic, I recommend The Contemplative Tarot, by Brittany Muller

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