Spiritual Nourishment



I do a Tarot reading every Monday, for the coming week. This weeks was weird. It recommended that I re-evaluate the source of my spiritual nourishment, in order to attract more money. I was not sure what those two things had to do with one another, to be honest. My spiritual practices usually seem far removed from my woeful financial circumstances. 

I've been poor all my life, or at least it feels that way. There have been moments of reprieve from the grinding poverty, but those have been few and far between. This time around I feel so stuck that I'm not sure there's any release beyond death (and no, I'm not rushing toward that solution. Like I said, I've been poor all my life, I can handle it if I have to, I just don't want to)

So I was randomly scrolling through a chat and saw someone discussing their reticence to charge for Tarot readings. And someone else replied "I've seen this before. Did you take a vow of poverty in a past life." The other person seemed to have a realization, as did I. 

Maybe I didn't take a vow of poverty in my past life, but it is very possible, nay, probable, that my poverty is karmic. I later had this confirmed in a tarot reading from someone else. 

Now I'm going to say that I do not have a very simplistic view of things like "karma" and "past lives". A lot of my views on these things are pretty out there and me even speaking in such terms are over-simplifying. But maybe I need to, for the time being, behave as if it is just that simple. 

Tomorrow is the north-node eclipse. A good time to do some karma-release work. And with it in scorpio, deep work on finances. I don't usually feel very positive about eclipses. They always throw me off, but this time I'm optimistic. 

I'll update in the future.