Free Reading Friday: A Message from your Future Self

 I like the idea of offering free readings every Friday, and each Friday will explore a different topic. If the topic interests you, feel free to comment. A short reading will be done for you, consisting of 2-3 cards, and a few sentences. I'll respond to your request in the comments. 

Today's topic is A Message from your Future Self. What does your future self want to tell you about what's currently happening in your life? If you are interested in finding out, hit me up in the comments. This reading is available through the weekend of the 27th. 

My own reading is as follows. I drew the Ancestry card from my oracle deck, as well as The Devil and The Sun from my tarot deck. Wowee, that packs a punch. 

I have had a lot of indications lately that my ancestors are reaching out to me, so the Ancestry card is not unexpected. I feel like this card punctuates an admonition to continue my ancestry work. It's important to do so in order to overcome the restrictions and distractions that plague me (The Devil) and find the warmth and enlightenment that I am seeking. (The Sun).

Thank you for this message, future me. 

Photo by Cristi Ursea on Unsplash