15 Tarot Questions

 This is a 5 year old tag on YouTube, apparently started by Arwen.  I'm not entering a contest, since it's light years old, but I thought it would be fun to answer some of these questions. So here goes.

1. What is your current favorite deck?

Right now, it's Journey of the Sacred Bee. It's colorful, it's expressive, it has bees. I love it.

2. What Tarot card do you think stands for who you are now?

Knight of Swords. I've got that whole Gemini, ADHD thing going on. Lots of ideas, but with a wonky executive function.

3. What Tarot card do you think stands for who you want to be?

King of Swords. I love my thinky side, I love my ideas, but I just want to see myself a little more disciplined, and with a little more follow-through.

4. Draw a Tarot card and tell us how it answers the question, "What does the Universe want you to know  right now?"

6 of Wands. The Universe is saying "You got this!"

5. Do you have any cards that  you MUST love in  order to work with  a Tarot deck?

Yes. If I don't like the Hanged Man in a deck, then I won't use that deck. I can be more forgiving with other cards, but the Hanged Man better be awesome.

6. Why Tarot and not some other divination system?

I do use other divination systems. Astrology, Geomancy, I Ching, Chiromancy, Bibliomancy, and Lenormand to name a few. I've done some scrying and some channeling. I've used the ouija board but really hate it - not for fear reasons, but because it's incredibly boring. But I've been doing Tarot the longest and it is probably the most accessible.

7. What's the first book you can remember reading about Tarot  (other than the LWB [Little White  Book]?

Aleister Crowley's Book of Thoth. The Thoth deck was my first deck, and the Thoth system was the first system I learned.

8. What Tarot person would you like to sit down with  for a chat about Tarot?

The people I most love talking about Tarot with, are people that I speak with fairly regularly.

9. Tell me about one YouTube  Tarot channel that you watch (and why.)

Oh, I enjoy watching all of them, but TarotTube has the unfortunate side-effect of making me want more decks, which is why my wish-list is ungodly long.

10. How many Tarot decks do you have?

I had over 200 decks before Hurricane Katrina, some of them extremely valuable and highly sought-after. After losing them all, I decided from then on I would only keep decks that I read with. No more collecting for collecting's sake. Now, I'm not sure. Probably around 25 or 30.

11. Do you mix oracles and Tarot when you read?


12. Have you ever created  your own Tarot card or deck?

Yes, I've created a Tarot deck, and started on an Oracle deck.

13. Do you read for yourself?


14. What are your favorite questions to  be asked when you do a reading for someone else?

Anything that isn't about romance.

15. What's the craziest thing that's happened to you during a reading?

I once gave a reading to a non-human parasitic entity, and that experience went on to have far-reaching effects on my life.