This is Not a Tarot Blog

 I know at this point it sure looks like it's a tarot blog, and tarot is a huge part of my life, so there was definitely going to be a lot of tarot in here anyway. I engage, or rather, engaged, in a wide variety of mystical and occult practices, but that was kind of interrupted by Hurricane Ida. I lost nearly everything I owned to that storm and its aftermath

, but I did manage to salvage my tarot decks, and some of my magical accoutrements. But where I am now, space is limited so I turn to tarot a lot as my spiritual touchstone. 

I also do a lot of meditation, contemplation, and prayer, but I'm not sure anyone would want to read about another person's meditation. 

So for now, there is likely to be a lot of tarot content. But hey, who doesn't love tarot.