Seven Decks for Seven Heavenly Virtues

I believe this tag began with the Antonia's Bliss Youtube channel, and is a follow-up to the Deadly Sins tag. Again, I thought it was a fun idea, so I rolled with it.

The Prompts for this tag is as follows:
Prudence- Your most practical/all-purpose deck
Justice- A deck you use to make decisions
Fortitude - A deck that doesn't pull punches
Temperance - A deck pairing you love
Faith - A deck you use for spiritual guidance
Hope - A deck for dark times/a hug deck
Charity - A deck you would give to someone.



I hate to keep putting this deck in every post but it is what it is. The Alchemical Tarot by Robert M Place is my primary workhorse deck. I never fail to receive a clear reading from it. When I hold it in my hands it feels like it belongs there. I know a lot of people find the alchemical symbolism a bit obscure, but for some reason, the images are just so evocative to me. I have the 2nd Edition (the one with the rose on the back) and it's a bit worn from being handled so much but that just improves the energy for me. The illustrations are detailed without being cluttered, and are very... orderly, if that makes any sense. Yes, there's a very firm structure to the deck, and for a chaotic person like myself, having that solid structure makes an enormous impact on my readings. 



I'm not big on having decks designated for specific types of readings, with some exceptions. There are decks I use primarily for magic or for mystical practices, and I have one deck that just loves to be used for romance readings. (I don't do a lot of romance readings, but should I ever need to, I have a deck for that). Usually I just grab whatever deck I'm drawn to for a specific reading. And when I have a decision to make, I check my astrological transits, then draw a few cards in relation to the transits.

The last deck I used to make a decision was the Light Seer's tarot. It's a deck I was on the fence about getting, because it felt a little too modern for me, but once I got it, I found it felt more timeless than modern, and it gives very accurate readings. 


3 of Swords

I do have quite a few brutally honest decks, but I think the one that surprised me the most with it's no-holds-barred truthfulness was my Journey of the Sacred Bee tarot. I kind of expected it to be a soft, huggy, fluffy deck, like a bumble-bee's butt. Instead it has punched me in the face repeatedly, and that's okay too. Sometimes we need a kick in the pants. 

And combined with it's companion oracle, it really hits home, harder than I care to mention. I love both decks and I can see myself using them for many years to come. 


It would be cheap of me to place the Sacred Bee decks into this category after using them for Fortitude, but I do kind of feel like they belong here. But I'll switch it up, though I'll be cheating a bit. A pairing I love is the Radiant Sun Oracle paired with anything. The astrological aspect of the cards just seem to add an extra layer of oomph to my readings and I find myself reaching for it pretty often. I know a lot of people like to pair their decks aesthetically, and that is awesome, but I can barely be bothered to find a t-shirt that matches my sweat pants, so don't expect me to be all aesthetic when it comes to deck pairings. I like Radiant Sun because it works and it works well, with just about any other deck, or on its own. It's small, easy to handle, with engaging images and varied keywords. 


The Priestess

I've mentioned in past posts that I use my SKT for spirit communication, invocation, angel work and more. It is definitely one of my go-to decks for spiritual work. But not my only one. I used the Angel Tarot to work with the Shem Angels last year but my work was interrupted by Hurricane Ida, and I also felt like I resonate more deeply with Enochian angel work than with the Shem Angels. I still got a lot out of the experience, even if it was truncated by a natural disaster, and am happy to recommend the deck to anyone interested in the serious pursuit of angel communication. 

Another deck I love for spiritual guidance is my Tabula Mundi Tarot by MM Meleen. It's a Thoth based tarot, so the symbolism is right up my alley. The artwork is beautiful and engaging, and it is suitable for more occulty work. 



I had to think about this one for a minute. Do I even have a huggy tarot deck? But yes, I do, or at least one that makes me smile, and that's the Naked Heart Tarot. It's a gorgeous tarot that features mostly animals, some objects, and a few humanoid figures. The detailed images really pop off the white backgrounds of the cards. Not every card is fluffy and positive - there's some challenging images on some of the cards. But for me it's a reassuring deck. It's also very easy to read - the illustrations are very intuitive and clear. 


I'm probably not going to answer this one. I like to give decks to people based on what I think they'll enjoy and use. I can't pick one deck that I want to give everyone so I'll just bow out of this last category gracefully.