Seven Decks for Seven Deadly Sins

So, Sylvain of Sylvain's Deadly Sins (do check out his channel), began a tag of "Seven Decks for Seven Deadly Sins" and it sounded like so much fun I had to try it for myself. The prompts are: 

 Pride - A deck you use for flexing 
 Wrath - A deck you're angry at 
 Lust - A deck you love for aesthetic reasons 
 Envy - A deck you wanted because someone else had it 
 Greed - A deck you only use for yourself 
 Gluttony - A deck you didn't need but bought anyway 
 Sloth - A deck you use when you're feeling lazy


The Ship

Not enough people see my decks for me to be flexing, but I see pride more as feeling a sense of gratification from an accomplishment, and if that's a case, then my Pride deck would be Pixie's Astounding Lenormand. I only recently began learning the Lenormand system and I feel like I've come a long way, so naturally learning a new system would be a source of pride. 

An honorable mention for Pride deck would be Trionfi Della Luna, since I'm using it to learn the Marseille system. 


I'll be honest, there are a lot of decks I'm angry at. But right now the tarot deck that most rouses my ire is the Terra Volatile Tarot deck. Don't get me wrong, I love the deck, it's beautiful, it's mystical, it ticks all the right boxes for me. I got the thick version, and I was waiting for the expansion pack to come out. When it finally did, it turns out that due to a printing issue, the backs are darker than the backs of the full deck. 
High Priestess

They're selling the heavy expansion for a discount but to be honest, I don't think I can do the darker backs. Even at a discount, the cards wouldn't be usable for me. And there's no way I can afford a whole new deck plus an expansion, not the way my life is right now. So I'm kind of bitter about the Terra Volatile. 

I'm not angry at the creators. Shit happens and I feel like they've done what they can, but yes, I'm still resentful enough at the deck that, at the moment, I don't want to use it. Maybe that will change, maybe I'll make peace with the deck one day. I'm definitely not going to rehome the deck just yet - I'll keep it around and maybe give it another chance in the future, but for now, I won't be using it. 



A deck I love for aesthetic reasons. Isn't that all of them? I don't keep decks that I think are ugly. But if I have to pick one, I think it will be the Lost Hollow Tarot. Damn I love this deck. It is slick and stylish, and very bold, but it doesn't sacrifice meaning at all. It's easy to read with and easy to engage with. It's evocative and expressive and I can't say enough good things about it. I love looking at it, I love shuffling it, I love reading with it. The figures portrayed in the deck are diverse, and they are magical. It has a "the universe next door" kind of feel about it, a strange familiarity. 

Other Lust decks are the Crow Tarot, Brady Tarot,  and the Hush Tarot


The Wheel

I can't remember where I first saw the Journey of the Sacred Bee Tarot. It was somewhere on TarotTube, but my memory is garbage so I don't know who exactly was doing the walkthrough. I do, however, remember leaping up and yelling "BEEEEEEEEES!" over and over. I love bees and I knew right away I had to have this Bee deck. I had to scrimp and save to afford it, but I did eventually get it, and I couldn't be happier with it. It is still a frequent flyer for me. It tends to be brutally honest, a real kick in the pants. 

The artwork is gorgeous, very colorful. It has nice heavy-but-still-flexible card stock with a matte finish, and beautiful teal edging. 

Other Envy decks include the Rider-Waite Borderless Centenniel, and the Light Seer's Tarot


The deck I use only for myself is the Spirit Keeper's Tarot, both the original edition, and the Revelation Edition. At one time I had the Vitruvian as well, but had to sell it due to some dire circumstances. I still miss her. I use this deck primarily as a support deck for my personal mystical practices, as well as for invocation, evocation, mediumship, and work with angels, spirit guides and ancestors. I don't let other people touch it. I apologize for mentioning an out-of-print deck, but leaving it out of the list would be dishonest because I rely on it so heavily for so many things. 

A runner up for the Greed category is my Thoth Tarot, which I use primarily for occult and magical purposes. I almost never use it for reading anymore (though I do lean toward the Thoth system when reading for myself, and I'll use a Thoth-based tarot deck for that)


After you get that first deck, I'm pretty sure that every other deck you buy in your lifetime will fall under this category. I mean, do we really need more than one deck? But for this category I'll choose the Wisdom of the Sacred Bee Oracle Deck. After get the Bee Tarot, I wanted that oracle deck too, even though I'm not exactly experienced with oracle decks and I don't use them frequently. I just heckin' wanted it, okay? And I'm not sorry at all that I have it - it has increased my use of oracles significantly, and I find that it really enhances the readings I do with the Sacred Bee tarot. And it's fucking gorgeous. I think it might be even more beautiful than the tarot deck, if that's possible. 

Runner up in this category is the Radiant Sun Oracle, which I also now get a LOT of use out of. No regrets. 


The deck I reach for when I want a clear concise reading without putting a lot of brain-power into it is the Modern Spellcaster's Tarot. From the first time I picked up this deck, it felt like a deck that was meant to be used. The flexible card-stock lends itself to shuffling, and the images are so freakin' evocative. This is the deck I reach for when I have a new client, because it's a no-fail deck. And it's also very lovely. It does do the whole element-switching thing with the swords and wands but to be honest I barely notice it. The illustrations follow the RWS system pretty closely, otherwise. 

Another of my Sloth decks is the Alchemical Tarot Renewed (I have the second Ed.). I've had this deck forever and it is my comfort-zone tarot deck. It gives me such clear readings, and is definitely one of my work-horse decks.