11 June 2022

Free-Reading Friday - but on a Saturday

 I was sick yesterday. I'm still a bit under the weather, but my energy is definitely up from yesterday, so I'll offer Friday's free readings today. 

Today's reading is Where will you be a year from now? If you want to know how things will be looking for you a year from now, hit me up in the comments, and I'll draw a couple of cards for a short reading. 

Readings good for today only. 

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07 June 2022

01 June 2022

That Time I Tried to Call Down the Moon, but Called Up Something Else Instead.


Another tale from the 80s. This was the mid-80s, and I was living in a small but hip college town in the deep south. In those days, I was practicing witchcraft to the best of my ability, and I had a group of friends with whom I had formed a loose-knit but sincere newbie coven. 

We read books, we practiced various magical arts, and actually managed, despite ourselves, to become good at various things. I was pretty good at healing bones and muscle, for instance. Another friend became quite proficient at psychometry. And so on. 

One night we'd all taken a walk to a stretch of woodland near my house, where a stream rushed over some large boulders. Though not too far from civilization, the woods were fairly thick and gave a strong sense of isolation. 

One of our friends, a skeptic who had a reputation of not being the brightest bulb in the box, was in rare form that night, mocking our burgeoning esoteric interests. 

I wasn't really attempting to draw down the moon. I was actually trying to annoy our skeptical friend. I stood on a large flat rock in the middle of the stream. Moonlit water was flowing past me, pale and frothy, and over the sound of rushing water I could hear the skeptic's voice as I raised my arms dramatically. "Nothing is going to happen" he said, "nothing is going to happen."

And nothing happened, for a second, or two, or thirty. Then the world lit up like daylight. The light didn't come from any particular direction, it was simply dark one moment, then bright white the next. It was diffuse, coming from everywhere all at once. I almost want to say that it came up from the ground, but it seemed more immediate that that. Like I said, it had no source. It wasn't, then it was, then it wasn't again. 

I dropped my arms, shocked. I know I hadn't actually done anything, but of course I was being credited with the event anyway. After all, I was the one doing the dramatic priestess pose. 

In truth I was scared, and I know I wasn't the only one. One of my closer friends grabbed my hand on the walk back. We were both afraid that we'd return to a town that was no longer there. The light had been so bright we feared a nuclear explosion (yes, I know that sounds ridiculous now, but if you'd grown up during cold-war days, you'd understand).

But the town was there, my house was there, and I never discovered what happened that night. I did, however, gain quite a bit of street-cred as a witch. 

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27 May 2022

Free Reading Friday: A Message from your Future Self

 I like the idea of offering free readings every Friday, and each Friday will explore a different topic. If the topic interests you, feel free to comment. A short reading will be done for you, consisting of 2-3 cards, and a few sentences. I'll respond to your request in the comments. 

Today's topic is A Message from your Future Self. What does your future self want to tell you about what's currently happening in your life? If you are interested in finding out, hit me up in the comments. This reading is available through the weekend of the 27th. 

My own reading is as follows. I drew the Ancestry card from my oracle deck, as well as The Devil and The Sun from my tarot deck. Wowee, that packs a punch. 

I have had a lot of indications lately that my ancestors are reaching out to me, so the Ancestry card is not unexpected. I feel like this card punctuates an admonition to continue my ancestry work. It's important to do so in order to overcome the restrictions and distractions that plague me (The Devil) and find the warmth and enlightenment that I am seeking. (The Sun).

Thank you for this message, future me. 

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20 May 2022

Psalms Magic: How I Do It, Using Psalms 65 as an Example


Biblical Magic has been practiced since there was a Bible. Medieval grimoirists, occultists, witches and practitioners of folk magic have all used Bible verses and references to God, Jesus, saints and angels in their workings. The idea of witchcraft being a strictly pagan practice is fairly new. 

Don't get me wrong, I have a deep respect for pagan witchcraft, and I understand that many witches prefer to avoid all the trappings of Christianity, due to the harm that modern Christianity has done to them and others. I felt the same way for a very long time, and it took me over three decades to finally make some peace with my Christian roots. 
Despite making peace with Christianity, I am not a Christian. I consider myself a Gnostic in the broadest sense of the word, in that my personal gospel is based on my own experiences and knowledge, and not on any one book. I practice mysticism with a Christo-Gnostic flavor, and I do work extensively with Saints and Angels. I'm really into the Holy Spirit aspect of the Trinity, as both Sophia and Protennoia (Barbelo), and my power-trio of Saints include Mary Magdelene (straight up avatar of the Holy Spirit), John the Baptist (who channeled Holy Spirit via Baptism) and John the Evangelist (who channeled Holy Spirit via writing). 

But heck, I've only just started and here I am getting way off topic. 

Psalms magic. 

I have a special journal dedicated just to Psalms and biblical magic. It's not just a notebook, but an alter unto itself. Because I've experience housing instability a lot in recent years, I've made my magic portable as possible. Using the page of a journal as an altar keeps it simple, without the need to cart around loads of implements. 

My Psalms journal has been cleansed with holy water (my own holy water is a collection of river waters and spring waters, as well as sulfur water from Indian Springs in Georgia. Use whatever water you consider holy, whether from the well of a church, from Lourdes, or from the ocean, a lake or a river). I have also anointed my journal with Exodus Holy Oil. You can make your own, or you can buy it from a reputable source (I like the oil that Twilight Alchemy Lab makes).

To start a new working - in this case Psalm 65 - I open to a clean page. At the top I make a circle for a talisman. You can use a color corresponding to your working. Psalm 65 is for abundance, and using green or gold would be appropriate. I used green. You can also color your circle in with an appropriate color. 

You can make your talisman either by writing your name and a few keywords, such as abundance, prosperity, etc. Or by sigilizing your intention, if you're into sigils. 

Below my talisman, I write out the entire Psalm. I have a pen that I use only for magical work. It's cleansed and anointed. It's a special pen, more high-end than a Bic. It's red and gold, very Yin, fiery, active colors. I'll write out my Psalm with this pen (for more introspective journaling, I use a green pen). It can be a Psalm from any version of the Bible. I like more straightforward, modern versions, but if you prefer the archaic formality of the King James version, go for it.

You can light a candle, but you don't have to. I will usually anoint myself in an appropriate oil. For prosperity work I like King Solomon's oil, which grants money and the ability to use it wisely. If you have a money oil you like, use that. I also dab a little oil onto my talisman, then I read through the Psalm aloud, finishing with an Amen. 

Then I read through the Psalm again, more slowly and contemplatively. Every line or so, I go off into an improvisational tangent, allowing the symbolism of the Psalm to inspire me. For instance, when I reach line two: 

You who answers prayer,
    to you all people will come

I might add  "To You, all people will come, for there is nowhere You are not. You are within all things, and are all things, and Your abundance fills the Universe. "

And when I reach the lines: 

The grasslands of the wilderness overflow;
    the hills are clothed with gladness.
 The meadows are covered with flocks
    and the valleys are mantled with grain;

The very mention of wilderness and flocks of sheep are going to remind me of John the Baptist, one of my power saints, so you know I'll end up going on a tangent there. Go on your own tangent, make the Psalm yours. 

Psalm 65 is a great place to start with abundance work, because it is a very approachable Psalm. Its symbolism is straightforward, and it is a Psalm about blessings, prosperity. The imagery of grain, and water, and flocks, all bring to mind the blessings of the earth. And it is a joyful, positive psalm. Can't recommend this one enough. 

After my initial reading, I'll go back and read the Psalm twice daily, in the morning, usually after a shower when I'm clean, and at night before bed. Sometimes I'll have a set number of days, and sometimes I'll repeat it for as long as feels right. 

All you need for Psalm magic is a Psalm. Everything else - oils, candles, waters, perfumes, herbs, colors - is your way of making it your own. I encourage you to experiment with this gentle but potent magical system. Let me know how you work with Psalms, or the Bible, in your regular practice, and how it works for you. 

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16 May 2022

My Tarot and Oracle Decks - All of'em.

14 May 2022

Spiritual Nourishment



I do a Tarot reading every Monday, for the coming week. This weeks was weird. It recommended that I re-evaluate the source of my spiritual nourishment, in order to attract more money. I was not sure what those two things had to do with one another, to be honest. My spiritual practices usually seem far removed from my woeful financial circumstances. 

I've been poor all my life, or at least it feels that way. There have been moment of reprieve from the grinding poverty, but those have been few and far between. This time around I feel so stuck that I'm not sure there's any release beyond death (and no, I'm not rushing toward that solution. Like I said, I've been poor all my life, I can handle it if I have to, I just don't want to)

So I was randomly scrolling through a chat and saw someone discussing their reticence to charge for Tarot readings. And someone else replied "I've seen this before. Did you take a vow of poverty in a past life." The other person seemed to have a realization, as did I. 

Maybe I didn't take a vow of poverty in my past life, but it is very possible, nay, probably, that my poverty is karmic. I later had this confirmed in a tarot reading from someone else. 

Now I'm going to say that I do not have a very simplistic view of things like "karma" and "past lives". A lot of my views on these things are pretty out there and me even speaking in such terms are over-simplifying. But maybe I need to, for the time being, behave as if it is just that simple. 

Tomorrow is the north-node eclipse. A good time to do some karma-release work. And with it in scorpio, deep work on finances. I don't usually feel very positive about eclipses. They always throw me off, but this time I'm optimistic. 

I'll update in the future. 

10 May 2022

That Time the Matrix Glitched on Me.

 I've written about this before in other social media spots, so if you've seen it before, that was me. 

So let me preface by saying that animals will 100% grab my attention every time. Even if I don't pay much attention to humans, I love cute cats and dogs, and will fawn over them in any setting. 

This happened when I was working the self-checkout area in a very large retail store. The job was not the most mentally stimulating and I was mostly zoned out, but I perked up when a man stepped into the area with a beautiful golden retriever. Now, I wouldn't have noticed the guy at all if it weren't for his canine companion. I of course wanted to pet the dog, but it was obviously a service dog, and I know better to run squealing with grabby hands toward a dog who is on the job. 

The guy was unremarkable. Average height, brown hair, bearded, thin. He was wearing a baseball cap. I want to say it was red, but I don't really remember. I think he wore glasses. The dog was blond, of course. It looked healthy and well-groomed, was very well behaved, and was wearing what looked to be a medical saddle-bag that probably held medication. 

The man and his dog went to the far end of the self-checkout area, directly opposite of where I was standing, and the guy proceeded to scan his items while the dog sat patiently on the floor beside him. I watched the dog the entire time. When the guy finished bagging his items, he and the dog left the self-checkout area and headed toward the exit. I followed them with my gaze until the dog was out of sight.

When I turned my attention back to my work area, there, at the same register, was the same man - average height, bearded, wearing a hat, and his golden retriever with the saddle bags. He was scanning his items, same as before, with the dog sitting patiently on the floor beside him. But he'd just left!

There was no way he and the dog had had time to circle all the way around through the entrance and back to the checkout, even if they were running, which they weren't. It had only been a split second since they'd vanished from my sight. 

Could the guy have had a twin wearing the same clothes, with the same disability, accompanied by an exact service-dog replica? Maybe, but how had they walked past me to get into the self-checkout area without me seeing them. They would have had to pass just a few feet from me, and another dog would have been sure to catch my attention. 

I was discussing this occurrence with a friend recently, and we came to the conclusion that this stuff probably happens a lot more often than we think. We just usually aren't paying much attention. I freely admit that I would not have been paying attention at all, if it weren't for the dog. 

So, what do you think? Time loop? Glitch in the matrix? Is it a rare occurrence, or does it happen all the time? Let me know in the comments.