26 October 2011

A minotaur story

Quote of the day: I've got a falcon, and I'm not afraid to use it - Che Rex

I was living in England at the time, in a run down little neighborhood, in a flat (read: hovel) above a shop, and across from a fish and chip shop. At the time I was partaking of many entheogens, in a strictly  spiritual context, usually accompanied by all the proper prayers and rituals. The visions I had from these psychonautic excursions were more than just mere acid trips. Most were revelatory on a personal level, and at least a few seemed to be on a cosmic level as well. This was around the time I began writing the LBOL - an even that has never stopped coloring my own personal spiritual outlook and experiences. 

This particular night my partner had gone to a concert, and I'd remained home to partake of some DPT (N,N-dipropyltryptamine) a strong hallucinogen similar in effect to DMT. (This was legal in the UK at the time, so shut up). Most of my night was spend standing in front of my window, gazing out at the street. I had the distinct feeling there was something out there, and with time my vigilance was rewarded with a vision of a minotaur, standing in front of the chip shop. This was not a hallucinogenic minotaur formed from psychedelic whirly-gigs and flowing colors. This was solid in appearance, large and foreboding, and was nothing like what can usually be expected from a DPT hallucination (I am very familiar with the effects of dozens of hallucinogens, believe me.)

The effect lingered for days, then weeks, then months after the trip. Every time I walked past the chip shop, I could sense the presence of the minotaur there. What he was doing at the chip shop, I'll never know. Could have been some residual imprint of the Celtic horned god that my own mind just interpreted as a minotaur.  It may have been the minotaur. Perhaps he grew tired of his diet of sacrificial children, and just wanted a nice chip butty. 

Needless to say the minotaur became a starring character in the LBOL, and a strong symbol in my personal spiritual and mystical paradigm. For me the Hierophant card  of the tarot is the "minotaur" card. For me the minotaur is a liminal symbol, straddling the boundary between man and animal, logic and instinct, higher and lower. And he guards the labyrinth, the ultimate liminal symbol, the arduous gateway that leads from one world to another, the slow unraveling of the self into a deeper consciousness.