07 April 2011

Today's Card: 5 of Wands


Good card for the first day of the Mercury Retrograde. Well maybe not good, but apt.
The 5 of Wands shows 5 young men, armed with staves, embroiled in a battle. The battle is chaotic, and no one seems to be actually getting hurt. This 5 rarely represents full-on violence, or detrimental occurrences. It is more a card of arguments, minor skirmishes, annoyances, setbacks.

Sometimes there's even a bit of a thrill to the card, for those who thrive on competition.

A pressing deadline, a challenging rival, an unexpected obstacle, a rousing debate. Any of these things could happen on a 5 of Wands day.

This 5 can set one at odds with other people, or with one's environment, but it can also represent inner conflicts. Crowley called this card Strife, and attributed to it the astrological configuration of Saturn in Leo. Saturn is not at home in Leo - Saturn is weighty and restrictive, and Leo is large, expansive and fiery. Saturn grows restless in Leo, finds it difficult to focus on the usual Saturnine responsibilities.

Today the Moon is conjunct my natal Saturn, bringing an increased awareness of my responsibilities, and at the same time the Moon is opposing my natal Uranus, bringing resistance to these responsibilities. Sounds like a 5 of Wands kind of day to me.

The card pictured is from the Druidcraft Tarot. 


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